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Credit Card Fraud

Newark Credit Card Fraud Attorneys

Those accused of credit card fraud are usually caught while making purchases with a stolen credit card or those who produce false credit cards or information. Often, store security cameras capture footage of the accused using a card that is stolen or one taken out in another person’s name. Once police make an arrest, they often try and connect the suspect to other fraudulent purchases made under the same account number. In cases involving on-line purchases, investigators determine where goods are being sent and focus attention on persons at that address. The law office of Joseph D. Rotella investigates the circumstances surrounding charges of credit card fraud, reviewing police reports and any evidence collected by prosecutors. We expose the often circumstantial nature of evidence connecting our client to other fraudulent activities.

Mr. Rotella is Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, which means that he has been designated by the New Jersey Supreme as an expert in criminal law.

Before saying anything to the police or prosecutors, contact the law office of Joseph D. Rotella. We protect your rights, making sure you don’t make incriminating statements the police may use against you later to connect you to other crimes. Call today.

Why Consulting an Attorney Is Essential

At the time of your arrest, police and prosecutors may make all kinds of claims regarding what they know. During the initial stages of an investigation, it isn’t always easy to tell how much information and evidence investigators actually have. That’s why is essential to hire a lawyer who can advise you regarding what to say and what not to say. In many cases, police not only want a confession they also want to connect you to other crimes — crimes you may know nothing of or have anything to do with. Making admissions won’t result in the charges against you being dropped — they will only complicate things for you later.

Contact Joseph D. Rotella Today

Protect yourself and your rights — contact the credit card fraud attorneys at the law office of Joseph D. Rotella today. We understand how credit card fraud works, how investigators and police conduct their investigations, and what can be done to undermine the claims they make regarding crimes allegedly connected to our client.

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