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Sex Crimes

Newark Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

People who are arrested for sex crimes, such as rape or child molestation, have often had no prior contacts with the criminal justice system. Many hold professional positions, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, accountants and teachers. For these defendants, their arrests are deeply embarrassing and devastating on their family lives.

Have you been accused of a sex crime? If so, contact attorney Joseph D. Rotella as soon as possible. He offers a free consultation in which you can discuss the specifics of your sex crime defense. Call 973-621-0333.

The 85% Rule

Conviction for a sex crime carries with it the possibility of sentencing under the No Early Release Act (NERA). This act is commonly referred to as the “85% Rule.” Any individual convicted of a sexual assault crime, whether involving a minor child victim, or an adult, must serve at least 85 percent of his or her sentence prior to being eligible for release.

After Release From Prison

For individuals convicted of a sex-based offense, the sentence is not always concluded at release.

  • Conviction for many sexual offenses carries with it what is known as Community Supervision For Life (CSL)
  • Megan’s Law / Sex Offender Registry requires state governments to provide private and personal information on registered sex offenders to the public
  • The Jacob Wetterling Act requires individuals convicted of sex crimes against children to register with the communities where they live

These requirements follow a convicted sex offender for life. Their impact is obvious. Only with experienced, competent representation can you take advantage of every opportunity to avoid being branded a sex offender.

If you have any suspicion that you may face rape charges or criminal sexual misconduct charges of any kind, contact sex crime defense lawyer Joseph Rotella immediately. Any hesitation can seriously damage your chances for a favorable outcome.

Why Choose Attorney Joseph D. Rotella?

  • As a certified criminal trial attorney, Joseph Rotella is recognized as an expert in criminal cases, including sex crimes. He is also board-certified as a criminal trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.
  • Mr. Rotella is considered an ethical and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. State and federal prosecutors know him as a talented lawyer who takes on tough sex crimes cases and will not hesitate to go to trial.
  • With 33 years as a criminal defense lawyer, Joseph Rotella has represented clients in all types of cases involving criminal sexual conduct. Sex crimes encompass indecent exposure, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, date rape and related charges.

Don’t Give Up Hope

There may be errors and mistakes in police investigations that a lawyer can find and turn to your advantage. For example, attorney Rotella recently worked on a case in which his client was charged with the rape of a library patron. Despite a positive identification by the victim, the defendant was exonerated before the indictment through the use of DNA evidence.

Early attorney involvement in sex crimes charges can also be beneficial during sentencing. An experienced attorney will be more successful negotiating the charges you face prior to indictment. With a lesser felony, prison time is shorter. This is especially important because New Jersey’s “No Early Release Act” forces convicted defendants to serve a majority of their prison time. Mr. Rotella has found that negotiating for a lesser charge is much easier prior to indictment.

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