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Notable Cases

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State v. A.V.

Newark Police officer indicted for allegedly beating a rape suspect. All charges dismissed before trial.

State v. A.M.

Newark Fire Department captain charged with arson. Found not guilty of all charges after jury trial.

State v. P.P.

Passaic County police officer charged with official misconduct for working a second job while on patrol for local police department. All charges dismissed.

State v. S.M.

Man charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile in a public library. Cleared of all charges. First time DNA evidence used by the defense before indictment of the charges to prove defendant’s innocence.

U.S. v. K.M.

Man indicted in largest securities fraud prosecution in the District of New Jersey history in which the Government alleged the defendant was a Manager/Supervisor in a ‘boiler room’ securities fraud operation. All changes dismissed before trial.

State v. C. S.

Passenger in a taxi alleged to have been in possession of a significant quantity of CDS, gun and large sum of money. Indicted on First and Second Degree drug and weapons charges. Later found not guilty of all charges after jury trial.

State v. B. L.

Man charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of woman who invited him back to her apartment. Found not guilty of all indictable offenses.

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