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Newark, NJ Homicide Defense Attorney

Most murders are crimes of passion. For that reason, investigators often focus attention on family members, friends, or known rivals from the very beginning of an investigation. Circumstantial evidence can quickly become incriminating when police begin to piece together conversations, arguments, even threats made only days or weeks before a homicide. At the law office of Joseph D. Rotella, we conduct our own investigation, track down and interview witnesses that police may ignore while submitting physical evidence to independent labs for analysis. Our lawyers understand how to analyze a crime scene, how to spot the mishandling of evidence, and what inconsistencies to look for in police reports. We pursue alternative leads and undermine the prosecution’s case on both the legal and forensic fronts.

Mr. Rotella is Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, which means that he has been designated by the New Jersey Supreme as an expert in criminal law.

To schedule a free, confidential consultation protected by the client-attorney privilege, contact the law office of Joseph D. Rotella today. Our Newark, New Jersey law office represents clients throughout Elizabeth, Trenton, Hoboken, Chatham, Morristown, Camden, Teaneck, Clifton, Kearney, and Jersey City.

Methodically Working Each Homicide Case

In order to challenge the prosecution’s case against our client, our lawyers consult the following expert witnesses on a “as needed” basis in murder cases:

  • Blood spatter experts
  • Forensic pathologists
  • Firearms experts
  • Psychologists
  • Toxicologists
  • Handwriting experts
  • Voice recognition experts

Challenging the Prosecution’s Case

While the vast majority of homicide cases are not treated with the same degree of sophistication or care as in police dramas such as “CSI,” prosecutors dedicate a substantial amount of manpower to their investigation nonetheless. However, evidence isn’t always collected or handled appropriately, alternative leads can be prematurely dismissed, and investigations often too narrowly focused. Additionally, interrogations aren’t always video taped. It is best simply to say nothing until your lawyer is present.

Fighting for Our Clients

At the law office of Joseph D. Rotella, we meticulously analyze the behavior of police, the collection of evidence, and the treatment of our client in order to identify mistakes and Constitutional violations. We put the prosecution’s case on trial, putting them and their witnesses on the defensive and keeping them there.

We fight for your freedom and defend your rights — contact Newark, New Jersey homicide attorneys at the law office of Joseph D. Rotella today.

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