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Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry Representation

If you are convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey — including sexual assault, an Internet sex crime, criminal sexual contact, possession of child pornography — you are required to register with the New Jersey Sex Offender Registry. Although this registration is not optional, a qualified attorney can help you challenge what tier you are registered under. This can have a significant impact upon your reputation and your freedom.

If you are a convicted sex offender facing sex offender registration, contact the law offices of Joseph D. Rotella at 973-621-0333 to discuss your options in a free consultation.

Three Tiers/Public Record

Under Megan’s Law, a sex offender must register under one of three tiers, dictated by the type of the crime committed. The following tiers explain what parties are notified in sex offender relocation.

  • Tier one — Only the police are notified. Information released includes name, address, date of birth, type of car and employment information. Requires annual updates or notification 10 days before changing address.
  • Tier two — Police and schools are notified. Other groups that request notification are also notified. Requires annual updates or notification 10 days before changing address.
  • Tier three — Schools, police and communities are notified. This tier requires notification of changes on a monthly basis or when a change occurs.

To determine what tier a sex offender is classified under, the state completes a “Registrant Risk Assessment Scale” that assesses a variety of factors. For example, the nature of the offense, a psychological evaluation and prior criminal activity are all taken into account.

Challenging the Tier

The sex offender registry can have a huge impact upon the life of a convicted offender. Not only is the person’s freedom gone, his or her reputation in the eyes of neighbors, coworkers and community members can also be shattered.

Attorney Joseph D. Rotella works hard to protect the freedom and dignity of his clients. If you have been convicted, he can assist you with the following:

  • Challenges to the tier to which you are assigned
  • Representation if you are looking to relocate
  • Defense if you have failed to update your information or notify officials of a relocation
  • Defense if you have violated Megan’s Law

Contact Information — Free Consultation

If you have been convicted of indecent exposure, sexual child abuse or another sex crime, you may want to challenge your registration with the sex offender registry. To discuss your case and options in a free consultation with a dedicated lawyer, contact the Newark law office of Joseph D. Rotella at 973-621-0333.

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