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Health Care Fraud

Newark Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyer

Medicare and Medicaid lose billions of dollars every year through various types of fraud. As a result, the federal government does not hesitate to prosecute those who are believed to be involved in fraudulent activities. Charges can be filed against a variety of defendants, from individual doctors to entire hospital systems to the recipients themselves.

I am Newark health care fraud defense attorney Joseph D. Rotella, and I offer strategic, powerful defense to those facing charges of Medicare or Medicaid fraud and related crimes. I work to shield my clients from the power of the federal government by building strong defenses against the charges. I understand the very complex nature of these crimes, and I take pride in my ability to unravel the intricate details to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

My clients include people from Newark and across New Jersey who are affiliated with the health care system in various ways. For example, I defend:

  • Individual physicians, nurses, pharmacists and home care providers
  • Recipients of Medicare/Medicaid
  • Ambulance systems, clinics, hospitals and other facilities/institutions
  • Medical billing and coding companies

Charges Against Health Care Providers

My Newark law firm defends health care providers against a wide range of allegations, including:

  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Upcoding (charging for more expensive procedures than were actually performed)
  • Double billing
  • Kickbacks and self-referrals
  • Illegal importing or exporting of FDA-regulated drugs
  • Writing fraudulent prescriptions

Charges Against Recipients

Health care recipients are increasingly the subjects of federal investigations and criminal fraud prosecutions. I defend recipients who are charged with offenses such as:

  • Providing false information on a benefits application
  • Forging or altering prescriptions
  • Reselling medicines or medical devices
  • Using multiple Medicaid identities

Contact a Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Defense Attorney in New Jersey

If you are under investigation or have been charged with health care fraud in New Jersey, protect yourself by hiring a lawyer who understands the federal system. Call my Newark law firm at 973-621-0333 or send me an email today.

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