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Protecting Your Rights While Under Investigation

Newark, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you're currently under investigation it's essential to protect your rights and speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Too often, individuals under investigation mistakenly believe they can convince police or prosecutors of their innocence. As a result, they agree to talk to law enforcement officers, make statements, or consent to a search of their property. However any statements they've freely made to the police, and evidence found during a search they've consented to can be used against them in court. At the law office of Joseph D. Rotella, we aggressively defend our clients' rights during an investigation. We demand police and investigators respect your rights.

Protecting Your Rights

Mr. Rotella is Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, which means that he has been designated by the New Jersey Supreme as an expert in criminal law.

For more information regarding protecting your rights, during a criminal investigation, contact Joseph D. Rotella today. Our Newark, New Jersey office represents clients in all New Jersey counties including Elizabeth, Trenton, Hackensack, New Brunswick, Hoboken, East Rutherford, Fort Lee, Morristown, Jersey City, and Union.

Do I have to Talk to Investigators?

The only thing you have to provide to police is identification if you are asked for it. If investigators show up at your doorstep and ask if they can talk to you, you are not required to tell them anything or allow them into your home. If you are approached in public or at work, you are under no legal obligation to speak with them. Unless they place you under arrest, you are not obligated to go anywhere with them either.

They Told Me They Have Evidence I did it -- What Should I Do?

Investigators and police often try to convince suspects they know more than they actually do. However, you may never know what evidence -- if any -- they have against you until you are arrested and your case goes to trial. In order to avoid incriminating yourself you should 1.) immediately consult a lawyer; and 2.) avoid saying anything more to the police 3) if requested to sign a document, you should write "I want a lawyer" before signing your name. Again, you do not have to talk to investigators and, unless they have a search warrant, you are not required to allow them onto your property.

The Police Said if I just Confessed I probably Wouldn't Go to Jail

The police can't determine whether you will or will not go to jail after confessing to a crime. Some crimes, like car jacking, certain federal crimes, and homicide carry mandatory prison sentences -- regardless of whether you confess or not. Since you're not in a position to know what the police know, what others may have told them, or at what stage an investigation is in, it is best to say nothing and immediately contact an attorney.

Fighting for and Protecting Your Rights

The law office of Joseph D. Rotella has years of experience defending the accused. We understand how police work, how the criminal justice system is structured, and how to work within it to achieve the best results possible for our clients. For more information regarding our practice, contact Newark, New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Joseph D. Rotella today.